Paws and Reflect: New Year's Resolutions for Your Feline Friend

December 27, 2023


As we welcome the dawn of a new year, many of us embark on a journey of self-improvement through New Year's resolutions. But have you ever wondered what resolutions your feline companion might secretly harbor? 

In this lighthearted exploration, let's delve into the whimsical world of cat resolutions, where the pursuit of happiness involves more naps, more playtime, and perhaps even world domination, one cardboard box at a time.

Resolution #1: Master the Art of Napping

Cats are renowned for their superior napping skills, but there's always room for improvement. This year, your cat might resolve to elevate their nap game to Olympic levels. Whether it's finding sunnier spots, cozier blankets, or simply mastering the art of contortion, expect your cat to dedicate even more time to perfecting the ultimate nap.

Resolution #2: Conquer the Elusive Red Dot

That pesky red dot has eluded your cat for far too long. This year, your feline friend might set a resolution to finally catch that elusive dot that dances across the floor. Get ready for impromptu acrobatics and lightning-fast paw movements as your cat launches a full-scale assault on the tiny, mysterious invader.

Resolution #3: Achieve World Domination from the Comfort of a Cardboard Box

Cats have an uncanny ability to turn an ordinary cardboard box into a regal throne. This year, your cat might aspire to expand their kingdom and achieve world domination—all while comfortably nestled in the warmth of a cardboard fortress. Expect strategic planning, vigilant surveillance, and maybe a few well-timed pounces on unsuspecting passersby.

Resolution #4: Perfect the Art of the Stealthy Pounce

Cats are natural hunters, and this year, your cat may resolve to refine their stealthy pouncing technique. From hiding behind furniture to mastering the art of the silent stalk, your living room might just transform into a feline training ground as your cat hones their predatory prowess.

Resolution #5: Convince Humans That 3 AM is an Ideal Playtime

While the rest of the household may prefer a peaceful night's sleep, your cat may have a different agenda. This year, they might resolve to convince their humans that 3 AM is the ideal time for a rousing game of chase or a spirited rendition of "hunt the imaginary prey." Brace yourself for unexpected nighttime escapades and subtle paw taps on your sleeping face.

Resolution #6: Convince Humans to Cultivate a Kitty Lawn Kingdom

Your cat, with a regal flair, may set a resolution to convince you to get them their own personal backyard with Kitty Lawn. Through persistent meows, soulful gazes, and perhaps a few strategically placed paw prints, your feline friend aims to convince their humans that a dedicated space filled with real, hydroponically grass is the pinnacle of feline happiness. Get ready for a charm offensive as your cat endeavours to turn your home into a verdant wonderland, where they can frolic, roll, and bask in the glory of their own personal jungle. Prepare the window seal—the campaign for a Kitty Lawn is on!


As we usher in the new year, let's celebrate the delightful idiosyncrasies that make our feline friends so endearing. While these New Year's resolutions for cats may be whimsical and playful, they serve as a reminder to cherish the unique personalities and quirks that make each cat a treasured companion. Here's to a year filled with more naps, successful red dot conquests, and the boundless joy that comes from sharing our lives with our furry friends. Happy New Year, and may your cat's resolutions bring laughter and warmth to your home!