Purr-fectly Secure: Cat-Proofing Your Christmas Tree

December 13, 2023


The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and it's not just the humans who get excited about the twinkling lights and festive decor. Cats, with their insatiable curiosity and love for climbing, often see the Christmas tree as the ultimate playground. If you've ever found yourself in a battle to keep your tree upright and ornaments intact, fear not! 

We've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you cat-proof your Christmas tree and ensure a harmonious holiday season for both you and your feline friend.

Sturdy Base and Secure Anchor

Start with a strong and stable tree base. A secure anchor will prevent your tree from toppling over if your cat decides to take a leap onto the branches. Consider using a tree stand with wide and weighted legs for added stability.

Opt for an Artificial Tree

While real trees have their charm, artificial trees are generally less tempting for cats. Their branches are sturdier, and there's no enticing scent to attract your furry friend.

Placement Matters

Strategically place your Christmas tree in a location that is less accessible to your cat. Avoid corners or areas where your cat can easily jump onto nearby furniture and then onto the tree. A central location may be less tempting for your curious feline.

Secure Ornaments and Decorations

Choose shatterproof ornaments and decorations to prevent accidents and injuries. Hang fragile or sentimental ornaments higher up, out of your cat's reach. Consider using twist ties to secure ornaments to branches more tightly.

Deterrents and Repellents

Cats are known to be averse to certain scents. Consider placing citrus-scented items around the base of the tree or using pet-friendly sprays that cats find unpleasant. This may discourage them from getting too close.

Use Cat-Friendly Ornaments

Set up a lower section of the tree with cat-friendly ornaments like soft plush decorations or felt ornaments. This gives your cat a designated area to explore without risking damage to delicate decorations.

Create a Barrier

Set up a physical barrier around the tree, such as a pet gate or baby playpen, to limit your cat's access. Make sure the barrier is sturdy and tall enough to prevent any adventurous leaps.

Catnip Distractions

Entice your cat away from the tree by providing catnip toys or other engaging distractions. Place these toys in areas where your cat tends to show the most interest, redirecting their attention from the tree.

Get a Kitty Lawn

If you're looking for an innovative way to divert your cat's attention, consider getting a Kitty Lawn to put near the tree. This patch of real, hydroponically grown grass provides a natural and appealing alternative for your cat to explore, rather than your Christmas tree. The soft texture and earthy scent of the grass can be a delightful distraction, encouraging your cat to stay away from the twinkling temptation of the Christmas tree.


With a bit of planning and some cat-friendly adjustments, you can enjoy a festive and stress-free holiday season with your feline companion. By implementing these tips and tricks, you'll not only keep your Christmas tree intact but also create a safe and cozy environment for your cat to enjoy the magic of the season alongside you. Here's to a meow-y Christmas and a purr-fectly cat-proofed tree!